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Attention Analytics

I had breakfast with Lou Rosenfeld today, and during a conversation that inevitably wandered into search analytics, Lou wondered if there was a single article, talk, or interview that had sent the most eyeballs my way in recent years.

This was all the excuse I needed for some late summer procrastination, so I dove into Google Analytics for a quick swim. stats

On the blog side, my Washington Post chat is the winner, followed closely by the NPR interview, the Slashdot book review, and my announcement of the original Laughing Lemur Contest. stats

On the Semantic Studios side, my Information Architecture 3.0 article blows the competition out of the water. Nothing draws attention like a fracas. source stats

Beyond that, my Semantic Studios traffic is fairly steady, with a substantial portion driven by search engines, thanks to high rankings on such queries as authority, social network analysis, and user experience. keyword stats

And, in gray, trailing into the distance, is the long tail of the lemur, sporting such uncommon queries as "swedish marketing blunders" and "yosemite beef jerky."

Heh. I'm suddenly feeling very hungry. Wow, it's getting late. I've spent the whole day on analytics. Thanks a lot Lou!

Strange Connections

If you missed the original skirmish, you can get a piece of IA 3.0 this October at Smart Experience in New York or ASIS&T in Milwaukee.

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Gone Fishin'

We'll be spending a considerable portion of August on holiday. Highlights will include a few days on Lake Willoughby in the Northeast Kingdom and a week on Glen Lake near Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan.

Lake Willoughby

I won't really be fishing, but I am looking forward to swimming, hiking, eating, drinking, afternoon naps, and intergenerational storytelling.

I'm planning to read Ender's Game, Glut, Spook Country, and (recursively) The Legend of Sleeping Bear. Our girls are hoping that if they dig deep enough, they just might find the mother bear and her cubs. Happy Summer!

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