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Ambient Traveler

Last week I spent the night in a different location six nights in a row. On Wednesday, I flew from Ann Arbor to San Francisco, ambled about the Marin Headlands, ate dinner with friends, then drove to my hotel in San Jose.

On Thursday, I spoke and ate lunch at eBay (thanks Christina!), met up with Jeff Veen and gave a tech talk at Google, survived a three car accident on 101 North, ate dinner with a friend in Palo Alto, and drove to the San Anselmo Inn.

Point Reyes

On Friday, I visited the lighthouse and hiked the Estero at Point Reyes, and drove to Sebastopol for an ununconference and a night of unsleep in my tent.

On Saturday, I enjoyed Foo Camp (especially Cory Doctorow's talk about futurity and Erin McKean's on Hacking English), then drove to the Holiday Inn at SFO.

On Sunday, I flew home, went running and mountain biking while doing my laundry, and then flew to Washington, where I slept well at the Grand Hyatt.

On Monday, I spoke at ALA, met Tim Spalding, ate lunch with students and conference organizers, flew home, and took our dog for a walk. Whew!

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Stubborn Obliviousness

Grant Campbell, one of the smartest observers of and participants in the information architecture community, has written a short, deep, inspiring article about Being Shallow. Here's an excerpt:

Information architecture at its best is not about the cool, the newest, or the latest. Information architecture is about the breath, the pause, the stillness in the eye of the information hurricane.

The article is playful yet profound. More importantly, it gives us permission to nurture our own stubborn obliviousness. Thanks Grant!

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