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Social Information Architecture

With nods to Stewart, Matt, my uxagons, and the epic threat of lost bees, Gene Smith has created his own social software honeycomb.

Social Software Honeycomb

Gene's social software building blocks and social information architecture are jam-packed with sweet ideas and well worth a waggle dance.

Strange Connections

I'm headed to the AIIP Annual Conference in Minneapolis later this week to give a talk and receive an award, so I've been reading about Roger Summit and the birth of Dialog. Here's an excerpt:

Recursion. In my view of an interactive system, information retrieval should be thought of as a process, not as a probe (as is the case with batch systems). With the exception of simple, explicit searches, the searcher is neither completely aware of what is contained in the database, nor confident of just which words to use in the query to elicit a desired response. Because of this, there needs to be a high degree of interaction between the searcher and the database to gain the desired outcome.

In my view, today's search systems have ample room for improvement when it comes to information interaction. Our technology has come so far, and yet the basic challenges of language and representation ceaselessly recur.

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Metrics for Memes 07

Since the 2002 IA Summit, I've been informally and irregularly tracking the number of hits for a handful of search terms.

Metrics for Memes

Findability's growing faster than ever (see 2005), but information architecture has hit a wall. I blame the acronymists and folksonomists.

Strange Connections

Looks like Wi-Fi signals will enable location awareness, alongside GPS, RFID, and cellular triangulation.

Finding Time is must see UXTV.

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UX Zeitgeist

Please don't tell anyone about UX Zeitgeist. Right now, I'm third in the prestigious UX Mindshare index, and I'd like to keep it that way.

UX Zeitgeist

Seriously, it's a beautiful product that will grow more interesting and valuable with every new book, topic, and person. So, go ahead, make my day, tell someone, spread the word, see if you can knock me out of the top ten.

Strange Connections

I'm reading a book called Synthetic Worlds by Edward Castronova of the Synthetic Worlds Initiative at Indiana University. It's really good so far!

A new comment on my Information Architecture 3.0 manifesto links over to IA's Unidentical Twins. Personally, I prefer this version of IA History (PDF).

Seeking a conference? Check out the Boxes & Arrows Event Calendar and the ASIS&T International Calendar of Information Science Conferences.

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