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Asian Lemurs

Yesterday, I received a copy of the Chinese edition of Ambient Findability, along with a beautiful Happy New Year card from my editor at O'Reilly Taiwan.

Asian Lemurs

The lemur book is now available in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Since "Ambient Findability" doesn't translate well, its Korean title is Search 2.0. If only I'd used that title in the first place, we'd have sold twice as many lemurs.

Strange Connections

The search engines are killing SEO, but that's okay according to the author, since the SEO firms can simply reposition themselves as IA firms.

Lou and I were interviewed by Computerworld, plus there's a polar bear excerpt about organizing web sites and intranets.

Excellent article from LibraryThing about when tags work and when they don't.

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Findable Footwear

Apparently, 2007 is poised to be the year of findable footwear.

Compass Global Sneakers

Choices include Compass Global Sneakers by Isaac Daniel and the Xplorer by GTXC. Parent to child: "Did you remember to plug in your shoes?"

Strange Connections

Tony Byrne has graciously posted a polar bear third edition excerpt about enterprise information architecture on CMSWatch.

Judging by Andy King's review, Information Foraging Theory by Peter Pirolli promises to be challenging yet rewarding.

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Ms. Dewey

While reading about the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, I stumbled upon Ms. Dewey.

Ms. Dewey

If you haven't tried Ms. Dewey, you should. She's undoubtedly a core element of Microsoft's strategy to kill Google and own search.

Strange Connections

Dave's Why Rich slides are worth a look for the rich definitions and examples.

The 2007 NFAIS Annual Conference promises to be a great event for disruptive information professionals.

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