Information Architecture Summit

I will remember IA Summit 2014 as my favorite conference ever. The content and conversations were brilliant. The activities (first-timer dinner, polar bear run, book signing, yoga) were a ton of fun. The setting in sunny San Diego was lovely. And I had the honor of delivering the closing plenary.

Grand Canyon

If you missed it, you can check out the slides, tweets, and photos. But the only way to understand what makes this community special is to be part of it. So, reach out to Abby to help build the IA Institute. And, reach out to next year's conference chairs (Veronica, Jessica, Mike) and volunteer to help make next year in Minneapolis awesome (April 22-26). Thanks for the wonderful memories. Now let's get back to work. I'll see you at the summit.

Strange Connections

Water Hill Music Fest is an awesome community-driven event in Ann Arbor.

I met Devaki at the IA Summit. She's an expert at connecting the dots.

Thanks to Lara Federoff for volunteering to organize the next World IA Day.

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The Inner Canyon

I have two goals for 2014. First, I hope to write and publish Intertwingled. If all goes well, both book and e-book should be on shelves by end of summer. For now, I slog through snow and solitude, with miles to go before I sleep.

Grand Canyon

Second, I plan to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim twice: South to North, a day of rest, then back. It will be hard, but I look forward to it, immensely.

Strange Connections

World IA Day 2014 will take place in 23 cities, 14 countries, 6 continents.

Guess what else I look forward to immensely? IA Summit in San Diego.

You know who's really crazy? Ultrarunners who race rim to rim to rim.

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Library 2020: The Future(s) of Libraries

If you enjoyed reading Inspiration Architecture you should check out the full set of 24 colorful perspectives on the future of libraries in Library 2020.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

The library in 2020 will be just like the library today, except without all the books, music, and movies. -- The Annoyed Librarian
We have an appalling lack of user experience integration among the subscribed resources and web-based services we provide. -- Daniel Chudnov
I predict that individuals will have a new hunger to come together for face-to-face interactions, and libraries are one of the last noncommercial settings where this can happen. -- Kristin Fontichiaro
[In 2020] through hard experience, the public has become appropriately skeptical of having too much confidence in the stewardship commitments of commercial actors. -- Clifford A. Lynch
Something that often is difficult for library and information professionals to comprehend is that the majority of the population does not use libraries to get information. -- Lynn Silipigni Connaway
The real value that many users find in the public library beyond access to information is the assistance from trained professionals who can help guide people through the changing landscape of information access in the digital world. -- Michael Crandall
I say we fight for and maintain our very long-term and hard-won connection to books and what they represent. -- Joseph Janes
We in libraries want geeks with the ethics and values for open information and freedom of access to be the ones in control of the world's data - in other words, us. -- Sarah Houghton
The U.S. public domain is still stuck at 1922, and each new purchase with a major vendor locks each individual purchaser deeper into that vendor's closed ecosystem. There is no cultural willpower to fight this. -- Daniel Chudnov
More open, transparent government at all levels is a requirement in twenty-first century society. The library will play an important role in supporting this transparency by providing free and open access to government information from the local to federal level. -- Susan Hildreth
I might go so far as to say (and I do not reference this lightly) that libraries are "of the people, by the people, for the people," and as such, I, for one, hope that they "shall not perish from the earth." (Lincoln) -- Courtney Greene
We must be willing to lose some of the things we loved most about the libraries we remember fondly if we're going to build libraries that will be truly memorable and valuable to the people we serve in the years ahead. -- James Rosenzweig
The library in 2020 will offer a culture of generosity. -- Josie Barnes Parker
Librarianship is the most important profession. -- Joseph Janes

These quotes offer but a glimpse into this wonderfully diverse collection. So, go ahead, buy the book, or even better, borrow it from your local library.

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